jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

Recallin June

June 1st

I woke up and saw the white ceiling I have, then I looked to my left and there was my blue wall, behind me I could notice my entire room with the door still closed but with a bloody noise I could not handle, however I stayed laying on my bed with my eyes lost on somewhere between my chair and the closed brown door, nearly blinking but still wanting to rest some more time. "Okay, y'know they won't shut that tele now so you'd better get up and harry up to go out" I thought..."Mate, d'you really have to think this early" I replied to me as if my brain was divided into two consciences and as soon as I replied to myself the morning thoughts stopped. Turned on the lamp I had next to me, got out of the bed, turned on the light of the ceiling, turned off the lamp I turned on, saw my room once more to then open the closed door and go to sit on the table to eat breakfast, a common and boring breakfast this time, actually not only this time but lots of times since I first walked here long time ago but who cares now. The tele was still putting loud words above the table next to the bread and that kind of coffee and as a matter of fact I couldn't help staring at them with anger but without making it noticeable in my face. "Right, I forgot to say 'morning' again, anyway I don't think I should for now" was the statement that made the chain of thoughts reborn because after all it cannot be stopped, not even by me.

-Blessings, parents! Did you had a good night?- Almost yelled my father.
-Thanks to God I can't blame anything- Said extremely quiet his mother.
-What about you, son?- Asked his father.
-Like reborn...we should turn off the TV, shouldn't we?- Said happily my father. And none said a word but I did smiled and saw those words laying on the table with superiority. The tele was shut and I decided to look up and stare at my father to see what was going on with him this time but I didn't have any luck on that so I began watching the pattern of the dish I had in front of me.

"Blessings" and "God" were now on the table instead of "sin", "love" and "pray". Not a big difference but still better since those new ones were natural and not synthetic. Every time the silence come to scene I feel the power by having shut everyone else, even when I haven't done anything to achieve that. I'm not sure why but I recalled the second of the deleted words: "love". And only recalled about those kinda cinematic memories of me on the beach with a mojito (or cuba libre?) talking to those Italian girls because I thought one of those was the one who stared at me before I entered to that closed bar near the beach. "I was pretty dumb that time, huh?" I said to my self but not out loud. When I woke up from that little dream I realized that I was alone eating breakfast and it was time for me to move on, as quickly as I could.

I gathered all that was on the table and carried it to the kitchen, I walked to my room and opened my closet for the last time (as I hoped), took my brown jeans and the green German coat I had already set with few supplies in its pockets, I searched for my lost black beanie hat I bought one year ago and when I found it I noticed it smelled a bit weird "No time to wash it, just gonna spray perfume on it" said out loud this time. I did it, indeed. Grabbed my keys and wallet and walked away not looking back and not closing my room's door. I was just staring at the house door, the door I wished I was never going to open or close again, my eyelids were a bit more open as I was approaching my hand to the door to open it, no wind came in but a cold light was surrounding the trees near the fence.

The car was leaving so I was.