sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

The WHY of something

IF there's something that makes a real difference between Spanish and English language it's that the second one does not have a gender, social class or quantity real selection, meaning that you may use the same pronouns in certain cases to talk about only one or about many. As well, doesn't matter much if there were many who made something or just one alone; if it is male or female.
 In short, English doesn't give much of a shit about who we or they are, it just wants to say it and that's it. Meanwhile, Spanish wants to know every single detail, believing that according to who or who many said it, the meaning should be different.
 Being said this, it's more probable that from now on I'll only write in English, and if not, I'll mostly write in English, then.
 With no more to be said so far, but a draft sent to trash, I farewell.