miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

[The text you're about to read was made one day in Word as a way to make some sort of catarsis, it wasn't written with the purpose of being understood by others.]

SO, first of all…I would need to explain myself what is that lies above everything.
It IS weird that we, as people, like to have changes, but it is as well used to be said that we fear change.
Personally, I do prefer the changes since they…since they…perhaps since they…are like a change of blub in a room that we care with an undefined level, and the bulb must be changed frequently because of letting it on all night long.
One should wonder if the stone you’ve got in your brain is just because of a smell or because of a memory.
This is when I should tell you that there’s no real way to do that and (trust me [if you want]) no psychologist, shaman, philosopher, scientist, god, close friend or love of your life will help you to find out one.
Turns out that what some darksouls told you ‘bout being a lonely one that comes in that natures and leaves in the same one is sorta true.
The heaviness stays in dein Kopf, aber es mixes with other feelings that are familiar to you, but, yet, not completely comfty.
Those feelings vanish slowly. Memory and consciousness are lost in limbo and you’ve told yourself that recently.
One would like that soul wouldn’t be a separate state or entity of the physical body.
            One wishes that we were unified. United. AS one.
                       But apparently that’s too much to ask for.
Just as one has had better days, one is as well capable of having better hours, even better minutes. Rarely, but still possible, better seconds.
At this point it should be mentioned that there are not only 5 senses, as my generation used to believe.
            Today’s mainstream has tried to put that in a clear stage.
Just. Imagine how simple would life be if only 5 senses were existent. Psychology wouldn’t exist. Art wouldn’t be.