domingo, 15 de julio de 2018

4B0U7 7H3 4RT7. Again.

i've made a post about the so called definition of art a long time ago, well, now i'm gonna talk about art once moar, but this time i will be against it and try to explain why, even thou' i feel i should explain to people my personal position, but, nvm.

so here it goes.

i used to have a close friend who is has a quite artistic personaility, meaning that she draws, writes a bit, dances, likes to perform, and so on, yadda yadda. when i talked to her about what she understood of art she told me that, to her, art was something like the representación de las emociones, so i asked her if it is actually a representation or just a clone of an emotion and at a certain moment not even an emotion that is being tried to be represented but just an idea far away from the emotion that the artist is just trying to put on whatever xhe wants to put.

i'm explaining this badly af but what i'm saying is that art is just another shit like science is, the expressión that artist do is not pure, and onlyif you don't express it but feel it it is art, one it's done you think just too much about it, specially if you're taking like three years to do it.