sábado, 21 de julio de 2018

A cigarette or a murder

Some sort of pain so strong that there's no emotion or energy left to scream nor cry. So strong you can't deal with people touching you, and it is the moment when people are more close to you even when they haven't asked you. The only thing you can think of is in lighting a cigarette inside of the bus.
I feel like already dead but not even that because if I were dead or like dead I would feel anything, but I do, and I don't know what the hell do I feel.
I just want to fucking punch in the face this MN I have next to me with his goddamn black arm touching my shoulder.
I wanna light my cigarette and throw all the smoke to him and then just choke him after stepping in his head until it explodes. Tren just throw his body through the small windows u have behind me.
Yet I won't do that and I just wanna light my cigarette.