lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

A vague thought of The Friday night

Today I realized the I do feel very awkwardly good when being outside of my comfort zone, or idk if it is that there are people with whom I feel justlike really good and every place seems like a comfort zone. Truth is that even in places where I have not been ever, I just feel like I don't even know even have to think... Yet I don't feel like a robot, it just like because of the very single fact of being outside the comfort zone I don't seem to have time to worry about all the things I use to worry about... Meaning all the possible pessimism or the very introvert thought, so if I think this then that theory of being busy as a way to deal with all the freaking problems we as humans could have vanishes and turns into one that says that as long as you're in the right company, that certainly doesn't mean love necessarily, like a romance or shit... Also, perhaps thic just could mean that I have to reconsider what is going on with the problem between stability and what people might call progress, referring to a position o which one seems to find a balance, make a judgment of the worth of knowledge, and why it is been looked for, alongside with the idea of just trying to let life live itself, or some crap like that. Tocixity perhaps is not only that you may feel is harming you, but something that until you leave that environment you notice what that situation has done to you. It is indeed fucked up. The debate of freedom vs stability rises again, but this time a question is born in the freedom, a freedom that is being looked for just the one, or the one Ina relation with the all others, or part of the others. Honestly this wasn't the initial question l had in mind, it just vanished suddenly and yeah, that's pretty much it.... I'm feeling like as if I were in a church day, all relaxed, being part of something, of some kind of collective but I isolate myself from that.