sábado, 9 de marzo de 2019

All of what is going to be told now happened in a night when three video games were played on a personal smartphone and an episode of South Park was seen. It is not recommended to do so.

Not really being sleepy enough to have one's eyes closed, yet lazy enough to not move to much when wanting to jerk off, and as for that, staying in one of the most weird limbos there has ever been experienced by a human being, only the oneiric heat of the bed spreading into the rooms airspace. My whole body now was covered by an untouchable mantle that separates me from the outer, real world.

Already with my left hand in my wee I started to fall asleep without having conscious or logic dreams. I couldn't dream of anything sexual.

Mouths being opened, closed, showing its teeth and tongue make me understand people art talking, but I can't understand then per se. Narrow streets made out of carton, people of paper, faces of cubes, of triangles.

My hand is still in me wiener but I've lost most of my sensory capacity, I don't feel it. I move my hand and press a bit to see if it's still there. It is, not so hard but still standing, which amazes me considering how dreamy I already was, and by the fact that I could have sworn plenty of minutes passed already, I must have to been amazed.